Fun Ways to Boost Your Residents’ Involvement on Facebook

Social networking makes it possible to engage residents in new and engaging ways. Improve your resident relations by engaging them on Facebook, a tool that they likely use everyday. Here’s how to do it:

  • Offer a poll. Make residents feel important by inviting their input on amenities. For example, introduce a flavor of the month poll to allow residents to choose the coffee flavor for the next month.Facebook
  • Make maintenance requests easy. Allow residents to post their maintenance requests on your Facebook wall. Current and prospective residents will have more confidence in management when they see your response indicating that the issue is being fixed immediately.
  • Announce birthdays. For smaller communities, give a personal post to each resident who has a birthday. For large communities, post all the birthdays on the first day of the month.
  • Facebook video chat. With the newest features, you can use group and video chat to discuss important issues that arise in the community.
  • Be a resource. Source fun tidbits resources about living in the apartment on the Facebook wall to help residents make the most of their complex.

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